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Choosing a Window Repair Service

If you’re having trouble with your windows, a window repair service can help. These pros can replace broken or foggy panes, fix a sash that won’t move, or seal air leaks that cause drafts. Often, simple repairs can save homeowners money and reduce their energy bills.

Choosing Window Repairs That Are Right for You
The most common window repairs involve replacing broken glass. A window pro will remove the old glass and replace it with a new one, either single or double-paned. The cost of this process will vary depending on the size and style of the window, as well as the material and quality of the frame and sash surrounding it.

Replacing a single-pane window will typically cost between $50 and $100, while replacing a double-paned one is much more expensive, ranging from $200 to $500. The amount of labor involved in repairing the glass will also be different, depending on the complexity of the job and whether it requires special tools or equipment to complete the project.

When a window frame gets rotten or cracked, the problem is often a result of weather exposure. Depending on the severity of the damage, a window pro may recommend that you replace the entire frame. This is a relatively costly and difficult task, as most window frames are made of wood or other materials that don’t hold up well to the elements.

In some cases, though, a window pro will be able to repair the frame without removing it. This could mean using a wood putty to fill in damaged areas, or sourcing and replacing the hardware (hinges and other hardware) that holds the frame together.

Another type of repair involves a window sash that won’t move easily, usually because of paint layers or other issues with the track. A sash that can’t move is typically fixed by replacing the cords on the weights or springs that hold it in place.

The sash is the part of a window frame that supports the glass; it’s similar to the frame itself, but smaller. Typically, a window sash can be repaired with a replacement sash kit or by using a new piece of glass that is slightly shorter than the original. Measure the opening, height and width of your window to find the exact measurements for the new sash.

It’s important to choose the correct size of glass when re-glazing the frame and sash; the glass should be 1/16 inch shorter in all directions than the original. This will ensure that the glass fits properly inside the frame and is not too thick, which can cause it to warp over time.

Buying the right glass for your project will make it easier to do the work. Many home improvement stores sell glass sheets, which you can cut to the appropriate dimensions. You should also purchase a package of small metal triangles that attach to the new glass.

Whenever possible, it’s best to upgrade your home’s windows to modern energy-efficient models. Not only are they more durable and secure than older windows, but they can also control the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. This helps lower your energy bill and improve the appearance of your house.

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